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The Jason Jones Appreciation Society


The Jason Jones Appreciation Society~
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~About The Community~

Hello and welcome to hi_jason, a hopefully happy-joy-fun-fun type community for fans of the rather maligned Daily Show correspondent, Jason Jones. For some reason, people don't seem to like him a lot. "He sucks!", they cry. "He's not funny!"

Still, that's a matter of opinion and so far, he's usually made me laugh whenever he's appeared. If he's made you laugh too and you like him for it, please join~

Jason seems not-very-well known for his complete and utter lack of acting experience in anything that anybody might ever have actually watched. Him appearing in The Daily Show has probably been the biggest thing he's been in so far; apparantly he was brought in while Samantha Bee was on maternity leave (she's also his wife~) and they liked him so much that they kept him on afterward. I approve of this, but it seems that most of the rank and file of thedailyshow and the IMDB forums didn't. Oh well. WE LOVE YOU JASON


Well, whenever I write up rules for communities they always seem to boil down to "don't be a moronic reject" but anyway.

- Don't be a moronic reject
- No flaming, wank-stirring, dramallama etc. Okay if you don't like Jason but if you don't like Jason, why are you bothering with a Jason-love community?
- If you're going to ask for/post clips and/or episodes, please friendslock? Cough
- Try and keep posts on-topic. I don't mind if the connection to Jason is vague but please let there at least be a connection
- Open-mindedness is a virtue. Some of us like things like slash. Maybe even real person slash. Your mod likes real person slash (RPS), hello. If you don't like it, don't read it. We don't mind, really.
- Fanfiction etc requires friendslocking~. And disclaimers. Because we don't want to get into trouble now do we, boys and girls? (... Actually, I doubt we have any boys here, but)


Feel free to post an introduction if you like, so we know who you are and everything ♥ it's just nice to know who people are.

If you're going to post pictures, please employ useage of the handy-dandy LJ-cut feature.

Please post whatever Jason-related crack your mind comes up with. Bad paint fanart, good paint fanart, crack!fics, serious!fics, bad photoshop manipulations and good photoshop manipulations are all completely welcome (as well as whatever else you can think up). We love it all.

If you're going to post fanfiction, please follow some kind of template like this:
Name: Name of fic
Pairing/Characters: Tell us who's in it
Rating: So we know if we can read it at work or not
Warnings: For the squeamish
Summary: So we know what to expect, just a line or two is fine
(LJ cut to the fic) - So we can read it, obviously

So yeah. Hopefully this'll be a pretty easygoing community~


thedailyshow - Main TDS community.
tds_rps - Guess.
tds_caps - Not that you'll find any of Jason.
tds_icons - Ditto.
tds_tcr_standby - If you're looking for tickets.
colbert_report - TDS alumnus.
steve_carell - Ditto.
edhelmsthenerd - Hey, wait! He's still around.
dinello_report - He's sort of like a "correspondent" for TCR and about as appreciated ...
The Daily Show @ ComedyCentral.com - The official site, which is mostly useless in that there are no promo photos featuring Jason.
Comedy Central's archive of Jason vids - If you can get Motherload to work, that is.
Jason's IMDB profile - Marvel at such extremely credited roles as "persecutor" and "young man in church"!

Looking for more Jason goodies? Check out our community memories!

~About the Mod Squad~

tabimendou is a nineteen-year-old university student living in the UK studying English/Philosophy at the moment. She discovered The Daily Show through a convoluted route involving episodes of Whose Line Is It Anyway, Stephen Colbert and Youtube. The Daily Show is currently her fandom crack of choice, as is evidenced by her sudden complete and utter fangirly obsession with the show.

She isn't very picky when it comes to RPS pairings, liking most of them to at least some degree. When she's not fangirling over TDS or writing profiles in third person, she's fangirling over one of a million different anime/manga/videogames and most likely writing fics for them. Her current interests are mainly Sorcerer Hunters, Kiss x Kiss Seirei Gakuen and Maria-sama ga Miteru, with an incoming interest for Ouran High School Host Club.

effetely (19/f/tn) wants to become a prince. She is only a co-moderator of this community because she is a) a fantastic fucking graphic designer and b) sleeping with tabimendou. She likes The Colbert Report a lot, but doesn't complain when The Daily Show is on, either. Among her most intense and embarrassing interests are shameless slash fanfiction, synth-heavy '80s music and cruel in-jokes about Paul Dinello. If she didn't know any better, she would say that this bio was written by a couple of middle-aged homos.

*pinches cheeks*, as the world turns, bartender, canada, canadian actors, capslock, car chases, cashier, cellos, comedy, comedy central, crackfic, crazy ohio lady, dave gorman, demetri martin, dominic scolotto, don't be scared, erotic swimming scenes, explosions, fake news, fandom crack, fanfiction, fanservice, field reports, fossils, freeze-framing, ham & cheese, hiding, inexplicable slashings, intarweb hacking, intern, jason jones, jason's fangirl evasive skillz, kaden should write brian/dominic, keyboard mashing, legalize drunk driving!??!, man in background #1, news, obscure actors, pimping, piper bee-jones, prosecutor, pwnzing, queer as folk, rocks, rps, sailor uranus, samantha bee, slash, smartarse, strangers with candy apparently, suit fetish, suits, the daily show, theater nerds, ticket guy, ties, various characters, we like jason, where's jason?, young man in church