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Jason caps from QAF

Because I was getting all my DVD's in order, I came across my Queer As Folk ones and decided to cap all the scenes with Jason in them. There are kind of a lot, but once I started, I couldn't really stop. There are about twenty-five or so. I'd also like to thank Jason for appearing in episodes that occur during the B/J break-up, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to cap them without wanting to vomit. [JUSTIN/ETHAN FOREVER, BITCHES! [/tangent]]

Warning: Really not dial-up safe.

Hi Jason!

Even the great Brian Kinney can't keep his eyes off Jason! [Okay not really, but this was kind of my expression while capping.]

So pretty.

PS: I tried to keep the slashiness to a minimum, but I fail at that sort of thing.
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