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*cracks a bottle of champagne open on the community* *smash* *ow*

So I thought I'd kick things off with the first post, seeing as how I'm the mod and all. Hi community! Please pimp this community spread the knowledge and the Jason-love as much as is possible.

When I first saw Jason I was disturbed at how much he resembles the fellow I crushed on for my entire first year at university who turned out to be gay. I hearts Jason, but that's always in the back of my mind whenever I see him. Also, both Jason and my gay crush resemble David Walliams (of Little Britain fame), don't you think? Interestingly enough, my crush was also called David. And of course, Dave Gorman was on The Daily Show, and his name is also David. IT IS ALL SURELY CONNECTED BUT WHAT DOES IT MEAN? I don't know.

I love the interview with the crazy lady in Ohio. I also laughed inappropriately hard at the report about that cesspit in Butte.

I think Jason needs more fangirl-love.

That is all.

(Well hopefully not because I want this community to be like, used, but XD)

(We need some Jason icons... but this requires pictures of Jason and it seems to be that the internet actually has none... HOW CAN THIS BE, THE INTERNET HAS EVERYTHING)
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